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PM2.5: A barrier to fitness and health promotion in China
文章来源:生物中心 | 发布时间:2017-04-14 | 【打印】 【关闭】

 题目:PM2.5: A barrier to fitness and health promotion in China

作者:Jincheng Xu, Can Gao, Jason Kai Wei Lee, Jiexiu Zhao


刊物名称:Journal of Sport and Health Science 


页码:1-10 (Epub first)


National strategies have been implemented by Chinese central government to promote physical activity, fitness and health in recent years aiming to improve overall population health. However, during China’s fast urbanization and industrialization, air pollution, especially PM2.5 air pollution, has emerged as a big public health challenge with respect to its adverse effects on health. As a result, PM2.5 air pollution is threatening the optimal implementation of China’s fitness and health promotion strategies. Policies on fighting air pollution should thus be strictly and unanimously performed by all levels of governments to create a safe environment not only for physical activity but also for daily living in China.


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